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Centrifuge Packages

KGD has designed and fabricated more than 60 Centrifuge Packages for onshore and offshore clients..

Lube Oil Systems

KGD have more than 150 years of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of Lube Oil Systems..

Gas Seal Panels

KGD has designed and fabricated a large selection of gas seal panels individually and integrated them as part of a train..

Filters & Hydrocyclone

KGD has manufactured a range of de-oiling, pre-de-oiling and bulk de-oiler hydro-cyclone utilising KGDs..


KGD can work with customers to offer a full turnkey solution for electro-chlorination needs or work..

Gas Con Systems

KGD offer design and fabrication of fully bespoke multi-stage Dry Gas Seal Module for on and offshore applications..

Pressure Vessels

KGD have significant experience with the manufacture of vessels in accordance with ASME VIII, PD5500, EN13445..

General Packages

KGD has vast experience as a manufacturer of fluid handling systems and bespoke equipment with 39 years of experience providing a one-stop-shop with in-house Design,

Compressor Packages

KGD provide customised solutions for compressor packages, including Reciprocating, Centrifugal, Axial and more.   KGD offer comprehensive in-house engineering for..

Cooling Systems

KGD offer packaged heating and cooling packages working with some leading manufacturers..