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Hydrogen | The Future

With the Green revolution and the opportunities that this presents KGD are actively involved with existing and new customers looking at hydrogen applications. Many of the skills within the business lend themselves to these new technologies and we are excited as to what the future holds. 

Manufacturing Services

As a forward-looking company, we have been enthusiastic about working with existing and new customers in the Green, Blue and Grey Hydrogen sector and the manufacturing opportunities and challenges it represents. We have been fortunate to have been selected to work with these pioneers in this emerging market on projects relating to production and refuelling installations. We have and continue to develop our supply chain and in-house experience with the installation of high-pressure twin ferrule fittings, installation of autoclave fittings together with associated cone & threading of the cold drawn annealed high-pressure thick walled tubing.  We also offer or can arrange the required multi-stage helium leak testing, high pressure gas testing, 100% XRay, Phased Array NDT, Cleaning and flushing.

Fit For Hydrogen

KGD has engaged with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to help develop the company and realise the benefits of

being involved with the emerging Hydrogen industry. We were very excited to be part of the pilot scheme within the UK and to be enrolled on the F4H2 (Fit for Hydrogen)

and F4CCUS (Fit For Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage) programme, which has now been successfully completed. We are delighted to be part of a very privileged cohort in being recognised for our skills and abilities with Hydrogen and carbon capture technology. We feel this recognition has put us in a good position to support our customers in new hydrogen applications.

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